How to get solar?

All we need is your address and a year of electric bills.

Good Earth Solar has partnered with the America Go Green program to deliver the best value and technological innovations in the photovoltaic energy generation industry.  Our engineers will craft the optimal solution for your requirements, and bring your electric bill as close to zero as possible – and if you choose to finance your investment, we work to bring your total combined monthly bill (your solar payment and utility bill) to come in near or even under your current monthly electric bill, putting your money to work providing equity to your home instead of just lining the pockets of the utility company!

Our Tier One panels are engineered and designed in America, and come with a 25 year warranty. 

Our preferred inverter brand is SMA, a legendary German manufacturer of solar equipment with a 15 year warranty, including the cost of having a SMA certified electrician come out to perform the repair.

Our certified installers are prepared for any installation configuration, whether roof mount, ground mount, or something more exotic.  We ensure every installation meets NABCEP standards for photovoltaic installations, and have installers in 26 states.