Why do you need solar?

Solar energy is by far the most efficient form of renewable energy available to the homeowner.  Advances in solar technology mean that energy can be generated (at a reduced rate), even on a cloudy day.  Off-grid homeowners have known this for decades, but an ever-increasing number of grid connected homes and businesses are adding solar panels.  But why?

The arrival of net metering legislation has been a game changer for many homeowners.  Net metering involves tying the solar system into the energy grid.  If your solar panels are generating as much power as you are using, your power meter doesn’t run.  If your solar panels are generating more power than you are using, your meter runs backwards, supplying clean, renewable energy to the grid and generating a credit with your utility company.  At Good Earth Solar, our engineers will custom design a solution for your home, business, or nonprofit that will bring your power utility bill to as close to 0$ as possible

This has multiple benefits to a home or business.

Protection from rate hikes:  Rate hikes can occur from demand (as seen in Texas during the ice storm of February 2021!), or increased generation cost.  A full 40% of national power in the USA is with natural gas generation – the price of which is predicted to go up shortly as global market demand eliminates cheap in-country supplies.  20 nuclear reactors are slated to be decommissioned between 2019 and 2030, removing their contribution to the grid.  Finally, inflation of the US dollar (estimated at 3% per year) means investing in clean, renewable energy now makes for a major payoff in the future!

A 26% Federal tax rebate (and in some states, many more incentives) is a compelling motivation for many homeowners and businesses, making green solar energy even more affordable.  The 26%  tax credit is only good through 2022, dropping to 22% in 2023, and 10% in 2024 for commercial and 0% for residential..  There will never be a better time to invest in Solar!


In Connecticut, the average home consumes 8,288 kWh (Kilowatt Hours) of energy per year, or the equivalent of 5,000 pounds of coal – this translates into 5.9 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, or the equivalent of driving a passenger vehicle for 14,541 miles.  

There is no free lunch, and the decommissioning process for solar cells is a field with room for improvement that great strides are being made in.  However, our panels are warrantied for 25 years after installation – virtually guaranteeing a lower ecological impact after decommissioning.